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Apricot /pack

When it reaches its optimum level of maturity, the apricot is a fruit of a beautiful orange colour, slightly juicy and tender. The flavour of apricots comes from the characteristic compounds of this fruit (including esters of aromatic alcohols and aldehydes). It is also related to the sugar / organic acid ratio, which is rather low (close to that of the orange) and gives apricots refreshing qualities. Its water content (85%) is comparable to that of other fresh fruits. Its very specific “sweetness” depends on the nature of its fibres. The apricot is an excellent source of provitamin A (or carotene), which the body turns into vitamin A. This vitamin is necessary for growth, a good skin and mucous membranes, and twilight vision. It has detoxifying properties and anti-oxidants and plays an effective role in protecting against cancer and cell aging. It also increases resistance to infections. The apricot is also one of the best fruits with regard to potassium, with an average of 315 mg per 100 g. With a total content of over 600 mg per 100 g, the apricot is rich in minerals, ranked just after bananas, but before grapes and oranges, which are known for their good mineral content. When consumed “ready to eat”, the apricot is a fruit perfectly delicious and digestible. Assimilation is promoted by its soft, chewy texture that stimulates gastric secretions.

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