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Lemon African - 1 KG (+/-50gm) - ليمون افريقي

Lemon African, scientifically known as Citrus limon, is a citrus fruit that offers a multitude of nutritional benefits. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, this fruit is celebrated for its tangy flavor and versatile uses in culinary and medicinal applications. Nutritionally, Lemon African is renowned for its high vitamin C content, a potent antioxidant that supports the immune system, promotes skin health, and aids in collagen production. Additionally, it contains various B vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, and B6, crucial for energy metabolism and nervous system function. The fruit also provides minerals such as potassium, which helps maintain fluid balance in the body, and small amounts of calcium and magnesium, contributing to bone health and muscle function. Furthermore, Lemon African offers dietary fiber, aiding in digestion and promoting a healthy gut. It is low in calories and contains negligible amounts of fat and cholesterol, making it a great addition to a balanced diet. Tags:

  1. Citrus Fruits
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Antioxidants
  4. Healthy Eating
  5. Immune Support
  6. Nutrient-Rich Foods
  7. Dietary Fiber
  8. Citrus Nutrition
  9. Healthy Cooking
  10. Natural Remedies

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