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Mint Leaves - 1 KG (+/-50gm) - أوراق النعناع

Nutrition Facts of Mint Leaves Mint leaves, known for their refreshing taste and aromatic fragrance, offer a myriad of health benefits. These vibrant green leaves are low in calories but high in essential nutrients, making them a valuable addition to various dishes and beverages. Nutritional Profile:

  • Vitamins: Mint leaves are a rich source of vitamins, particularly Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. These vitamins play pivotal roles in maintaining healthy skin, supporting the immune system, and aiding in blood clotting.
  • Minerals: They contain essential minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium, contributing to bone health, muscle function, and maintaining electrolyte balance.
  • Antioxidants: Mint leaves are abundant in antioxidants, such as rosmarinic acid and menthol. These compounds possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, promoting overall well-being and aiding digestion.
  • Fiber: Mint leaves offer a modest amount of dietary fiber, which supports digestive health by preventing constipation and promoting a healthy gut microbiome.
Health Benefits:
  1. Digestive Aid: Mint leaves are known for their ability to soothe an upset stomach and alleviate symptoms of indigestion or bloating. They can be consumed as tea or added to meals to aid digestion.
  2. Fresh Breath: The natural aromatic properties of mint leaves can help combat bad breath, making it a popular ingredient in mouth fresheners and chewing gums.
  3. Skin Health: The abundance of Vitamin A in mint leaves contributes to healthy skin by supporting collagen production and protecting against free radicals.
  4. Stress Relief: The refreshing scent of mint is believed to have calming effects, potentially reducing stress and improving focus and concentration.
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